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sup ng

2010-09-23 02:11:35 by DerajN

turns out again that I probably will not be finished on my halloween project that is now 2 years old. I just don't have the time to put in the quality of work that I am trying to churn out. Also I guess they don't want me to use commercial songs which I built my entire animation around. It'll probably be released next year and im hoping to be able to get a license for the song for my movie :D


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2010-11-27 04:52:01

take your time! you shouldn't feel so rushed! I really can't wait to see it thought. can you spoil a little? ;)

DerajN responds:

I'll tell you the song I used is "In The House - In A Heartbeat." The movie is not really funny or scary, but more of simply a dramatic piece about life. There is no dialogue but I still find it to have deep meaning that probably will be hard to see at first glance by most viewers. The effort put into it has allowed for great animation but I doubt many people will understand what I was going for and therefore will give it a lower rating when it finally comes out. There is still a long way to go on it considering how busy I am with school and work I am unable to find much time to work on it. This, more than likely, will be a 2012 Halloween release. I hope that revealed enough for you so you are no longer excited about it. haha